Regardless of how your needs to control fire dampers looks we have a solution for you. Our system covers everything from simple installations with just a single fire cell to complex systems with plenty of fire cells, alarms e t c.

Over the years we have delivered fire damper control systems to projects ranging from 1 to 3200 fire dampers. A single central control unit or gateway can handle  up to 200 modules and 400 dampers (when using the SX:DUO). At installations with more dampers several separate such systems are used.

All modules are addressed when the system is activated and this gives you specific and  och detailed information about every individual fire damper. If you then need to add more units to the system you just install these modules and set their addresses. Our Smoke Control System can be setup in either a loop, starnet or ring configuration.

Smoke Control System has been used since 2000 and is now installed in a huge number of buildings. The modules use our own  communication bus called SIOX and it has controlled  a vast array of different applications since the early ’80s. Our products are constructed with so called “cold electronics” which means they do not demand any additional cooling which gives them a ver long life span.

For the communication and power we only use ONE cable with 3 conductors (1.5mm²) which results in a very low installation cost. It is important to use non-shielded cables but apart from that our system does not require any specific cable types.  This gives you as a customer great flexibility.

The system can be powered both with  24V AC or DC. Transformers are mounted  at distributed places in the system and powers the fire damper modules, the fire damper motors and smoke detectors. One 100VA  transformer handles 10 fire damper motors or 100 m cable.

The system can handle a multitude of different alarms. Each module has input for a smoke detector which then can affect one or several other modules on the loop. The central unit has an input for an external fire alarm and if you want to be able to control different fire cells separate I/O-modules for this purpose are added to the system. Each central unit supports up to 99 individual fire cells and one alarm signal can handle one or several fire cells.

Regular testing of the modules and dampers in the system can be done in many different ways. The central unit can execute a test on set dates and times and each fire cell can have its own individual testing schedule. You can also execute the testing manually via Modbus (TCP) or the digital input. Each individual fire damper module can also do its own testing automatically.

Each fire damper module has a built-in watchdog that closes the damper if the comunication is lost. That way you can always be sure that no dampers are open in case of a cut cable or power failure in parts of the system.

If you configure the central unit via the internal menu all modules will be addressed in the same fire cell, but via our PC-software Smoke Control Editor you are able to configure a system with up to 99 fire cells. To save time for our customers we offer the service of deliverig the central unit pre-configured.

The central unit SX:ACCESS and gateway SX:NETLINK support Modbus TCP, which is a very widely-used protocol in building automation. SX:NETLINK also has support for Modbus RTU. There is a large amount of status information that can be read from the damper modules and from the central unit. A large number of commands are also available, giving you the flexibility you need to control various functions.